Sunday, March 4, 2012


Saturday was the first of two days of the Hostess Club Weekender, and it was a great day full of good music!
Unfortunately, I got there right after Youth Lagoon had finished his set, so when I met him afterwards, I had to tell him to come back to Tokyo as soon as possible. Next in line was Zulu Winter, who were definitely my second favorite after The Horrors. Later on, Wu Lyf took the stage, and was followed by Owen Pallett. Without arguing, Pallett is incredibly talented but it's just not my type of music so I only watched a bit of his set.
And last but not least, The Horrors were the last performance of the night. And let me just tell you what a fucking show that was. The boys had landed in Tokyo 8 hours before their set, after touring Asia non stop for two weeks. Mad props to them for putting a brilliant show, specially Joshua Third, who went absolutely insane playing guitar on the last 10 minutes of their set. (And I won't even get into how he is the most beautiful man that I have seen in my entire life. Yes.)

Youth Lagoon

Zulu Winter

Wu Lyf

The Horrors

PS. One of the guys from The Horros is brothers with the guitarist from The Vaccines! A lot of talent in that family.

PSS. Many thanks to Dave for making this possible!

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