Sunday, March 4, 2012


I'm so glad I finally get to post this. 
Last month Florence and the Machine had their first ever show in Japan, and of course, I had the pleasure of going to see them.
It's quite a funny story, as they were meant to come to Japan last year, but had to cancel their show due to the amount of tickets they sold (5 [yes, 5]). And less than a year later, they managed to have a sold out gig with 2000 people.
The show started 20 minutes later than scheduled, and that in Japan is almost a crime. I was quite disappointed with the first, and maybe even the second song. I felt like I was watching Lana Del Rey's SNL all over again; A singer with a microphone and barely any movement. But of course, as soon as the first of a few cocktails kicked in, the show took a turn and became one of the best shows that I have ever been to (60+ in 2 years). Also bare in mind, Florence was performing barefoot, and that just made everything even more amazing.
I got to meet her after the show, and she then took the time to meet a few of her fans who had been waiting for her for an hour at a temperature of  1°C. Such a lovely lady!


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