Sunday, March 30, 2014


I'm pretty sure there must be a Wild Child post in this blog somewhere, because they really are one my all time favorite bands. So the fact that I recently found them on my favorite music website, NoiseTrade, just took me to a whole new level of happiness. I am a fan of downloading things legally, if downloading them at all— truthfully, I'd much rather have a hard copy of an album!
Anyway, here is one of my favorite albums ever, Pillow Talk, and you can download it for Free! I do have to say though, if you're feeling generous and like their music, please please please leave a tip. Artists truly appreciate it when people download their music and spread it around, but let's be real, money IS important, especially for small bands when it comes to putting together a new record and all that. No help is ever too little!

To download this album for FREE click HERE.

Ps. If you like them, check out their new album The Runaround which is out now!

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  1. Wild child is awesome, the girl has this amazing voice