Saturday, February 12, 2011

top TEN of twentyTEN

To everyone who stopped getting digital albums from music stores: you suck.
Needless to say there is no particular order, here is my top ten albums of 2010.

   10.  Nada Surf - If I had a Hi - Fi
     9.  Diddy - Last Train To Paris
     8.  B.o.B. - The Adventures of Bobby Ray
     7.  Christina Aguilera - Bionic
     6.  Rihanna - Loud
     5.  Linkin Park - A thousand Suns
     4.  Eminem - Recovery
     3.  Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday
     2.  Taylor Swift - Speak Now
   * 1.  Katy Perry - Teenage Dream

Just in case you are wondering, yes I do actually own most of these albums. (Haven't found Nada Surf's in Japan)

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