Sunday, January 22, 2012


Earlier this week, I got to see one of my favorite indie bands, Bombay Bicycle Club, perform in Tokyo. Playing at the same small venue where Foster the People had a sold out gig the following day, and Metronomy the previous one, BBC didn't stay far behind, and even had miss Pixie Lott singing along.
Although they didn't play what I personally consider two of their best songs, How Are You, and You Already Know, the show was completely amazing! Below is a picture I took during the show, and a great song off their setlist.

And last but not least, here is a picture with the singer of BCC, who by the way, has an incredible fashion sense. (By that I mean what he was wearing on stage).

I just have to say this: With the most amazing music, an unbelievable good looking drummer, and a band member who looks like he could be part of the movie The Outsiders, this band is in another level! 

And a very special thanks to Squib, the lighting designer, for making this happen!

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