Sunday, October 30, 2011


I apologize once again for the lack of posts, but I do have to say I'm impressed by the amount of people that have been checking out my blog lately. It feels great to share music with people who appreciate it.
I've been playing this song a lot lately, Young Man is such a great and talented band. I'll say this again: As amazing and beautiful as this music industry is, it is also full of bullshit. Talent is either way overrated or underrated. It is rather quite sad to see talented artists give out everything they have, and not get much in return, ending up not achieving their dreams. On the other hand, there's artists who get millions of dollars for a single performance, which they lip sync the whole way through. Then again, is success really fame?
Anyway, Young Man's album came out last month, so if you liked this song, Nothing, make sure you help them out and buy their CD! Or at least share their music with your friends. I guess, after all, some fame is needed to achieve success in this business.

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